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We offer a complete portfolio of class-leading wireless products to add internet and M2M connectivity to your products. From wireless sensors to system-in-package solutions, Wi-Fi modules to airtime services, we can provide multiple component options for every aspect of an IoT device. Our partnerships with leading suppliers and manufacturers provide you with access to the latest technology with impartial advice and direct access to technical support.

Connectivity is at the heart of IoT. Devices talking to each other, the cloud and beyond are creating a new digital universe of interconnected technology. Today there are multiple ways of connecting to multiple networks. The distance, connection time and amount of data transferred all necessitate different solutions. We offer a complete portfolio of wireless modules, system-in-package components and airtime options. Each technology provides its own strengths and is perfectly suited to various applications and situations. To find the right solution for you, browse the options below or speak to us directly today, where our technical team of experts are ready to support, advise and provide a solution perfectly suited to your needs.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity is synonymous with the internet, with both options well established as popular and easy ways to connect devices. With Wi-Fi ever present in our everyday lives, it is a compelling choice when thinking about IoT connectivity for an embedded product. We have developed a comprehensive, complementary portfolio of products that address all levels of integration, from easy-to-use Wi-Fi modules with on-board software stacks and device servers to PCIe and mini-cards designed specifically for embedded applications - we are able to offer a wide range of custom solutions and standard products designed specifically for the ISM frequency bands, particularly the 169 MHz, 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz bands.



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“Trying to determine the market size for the Internet of Things is like trying to calculate the market for plastics, circa 1940. At that time, it was difficult to imagine that plastics could be in everything.”

— Prof. Michael Nelson Georgetown University


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